Hollywood don’t care about no Colored Girls

I am pissed off about the Oscars.

First of all, what am I missing about the Social Network that everyone else is raving about? That long ass dry as burnt toast movie about spoiled genius privileged nerds fighting over who made facebook first? Aww boo hoo hoo, someone made more money than you ::snifffle stomp stomp sniffle:: on a website.

Boring. I couldn’t even finish The Social Network because it was so painfully slow moving and obnoxious.

So Jesse Eisenberg (who I like) gets an Oscar nom for playing a socially awkward nerd douche bag?

But no love for ANY of the women in For Colored Girls?

Nicole Kidman’s boring ass acting gets nominated like EVERY DAMN YEAR for an Oscar! Is there a clause in her contract that says “no matter what role I play” I must get nominated for an Oscar”? Must be nice to make the same faces in EVERY movie and get awarded for that shit.

ahahahahahaha – ok had to get that out


(which fyi is a movie directed by Tyler Perry based on the 1975 experimental play “For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf” by Ntozake Shange.)

Like ok the movie DEFINITELY has its shortcomings.

1) The writing. Ok so I’m a writer and I don’t wanna shit too hard on anyone else’s writing…so im going to try to be fair. The words from the play are spellbinding and utterly beautiful. The words from Perry’s screenplay are a bit more cringe worthy.

Just because Janet Jackson plays a fashion editor does not mean she should ever throw a tantrum and tell her team to : GET BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!

umm yeah no.

2) I do not EVER enjoy rape scenes. they are usually unnecessary. i felt that cutting such a brutal rape scene with an opera performance was distracting. rape is violent. I feel like sometimes filmmakers try to make them even more graphic and violent for a movie’s sake and they never need to be because rape is just fucking violent on its own.


For Colored Girls held itself together beautifully on the strength of its actors.

( Check out all their individual movie posters for the film )

Anika Noni Rose – brilliant. i want to date her in this movie. Her character speaks Spanish and dances and cooks. She is delicate and poised and broken. effortless. she is the one that gets raped…and somehow ends the movie filled with strength.

Thandie Newton – fucking rocked my world! she plays a brassy badass non-whore whore. in her characters own words “I’m not a prostitute. I just like to fuck.” ahahahahaha! see but even with Showgirls-esque lines like that her performance is gut wrenching.

Kimberly Elise – her man throws her kids out of the fucking window. shouldn’t that get a chick an OSCAR NOM???? her acting killed me. she played the role of an abused girlfriend/babymoms with such nuance and honesty. i wanted to die with her.

Loretta Divine – now if u have followed Miz Divine’s career, you will know that she’s been in EVERYTHING. she has her own “Loretta Divine” way of acting kinda like BET meets Lifetime. BUT in For Colored Girls she is on her grizzzzz with the acting. She outdoes herself in believability and connectedness.

MIKE EALY – is fiiiinnneee BUT he also puts his acting chops to the test playing an emotionally destroyed war veteran with a drinking problem that resorts to homicide in a drunken rage. oh it goes there. He finds the line between over doing it and creating a believably distraught individual. and did i mention how fine he is??

Perry mixes monologues from the play with the “real life” elements of the movie. He even intercuts two monologues with each other during a pivotal scene between Thandie Newton and Whoopi Goldberg and it works.

Perry takes risks with his music choices and edits. For Colored Girls dabbles in the avant garde which might also be difficult for mainstream audiences to connect too.

I think hollywood gets mad uncomfortable when African American cinema steps outside of the comfort zone it’s been placed in.

this movie aint Soul Plane but it also aint Precious.

The women in this film are in all different types of relationships and come from diverse economic backgrounds. Perry makes sure to show them at work in offices, in dance studios, hitting the streets like a social worker, bartending, housekeeping, being a damn personal assistant. these women are everywhere.

But DAMN, do not sleep on this film. Matter fact watch it again and tell me if it doesn’t make you want to hit the floor screaming and crying out loud over the brutalities that life throws our way.

The Academy either doesn’t know shit or somehow completely missed out on a movie that could have filled all their best actress categories with at least one nominee.

Oh and Mike Healy, if I ran the Oscars, you’d get a nod too, boo. hahaha

But enough of me ranting, I really don’t wanna be the angry minority blogger, well not all the time anyway.

Watch For Colored Girls and tell me if The Social Network or Nicole “I play myself in every role but I’m skinny and pretty” Kidman, can make you feel that gutted.

6 thoughts on “Hollywood don’t care about no Colored Girls

  1. I’m a theatre SNOB and I love For Colored Girls…the Choreopoem as it is originally called. Perry did a horrible job with this screenplay. The acting, except for Janet was very good, excellent actually but the script was so shitty that I can see them all getting overlooked. Sorry….

  2. Thanks for sending this to me.

    Okay, here’s my take. FOR COLORED GIRLS… is a brilliant play. However, the movie is not so brilliantly directed. Someone with artistic sensibilities was needed to guide this beautiful and talented cast and almost perfect cast in the right direction. Janet Jackson is the worst actress on the planet! She is so not present in any scenes and is so completely overreaching in order to feel like she’s actually engaging us. Everyone else was super brilliant! I thought Newton should have been recognized for her work in this movie considering that Viola Davis was only seen for a brief moment in DOUBT but was nominated for an Oscar. Thandie was the driving force of this movie. She kicked ass is right! And like you I believe that showing a rape scene is so utterly not necessary. We get it. We know what rape is. Please move me in a more creative way. I don’t need to see it. Tyler Perry should ESPECIALLY be more sensitive to that.

    Now regarding THE SOCIAL NETWORK, I so disagree with you. This movie is not about rich white kids bitching and complaining, it speaks volumes about who we all are. What we are all made of. And how our ideals have changed. It is BRILLIANTLY directed! Watch the background the next time you see it. Watch the choices the director made in really making us feel or see something. Now, if I had not seen THE KING’S SPEECH, easily Social Network would have been the movie I was rooting for at the Oscars. THE KING’S SPEECH is the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. That movie has so many layers. There is no competition. It’s truly almost perfection!

    I recently watched the HBO movie (stageplay) THE SUNSET LIMITED. I fell asleep the night it premiered on HBO after just 30 minutes. I was tired but was a bit bored. Well, I watched it again, fully awake and man oh man, I’m so glad I gave it another chance. It is a piece of art and a wonderful discussion on existentialism. Loved it.
    So give SOCIAL NETWORK another chance and then tell me if you feel the same way. Watch for the themes and that script is no joke! Aaron Sorkin is a genius.

    Okay, that’s it 🙂 Thanks for letting me share!

      • Te voy a escribir en español porque estoy más acostumbrada a escribir en esa lengua que en inglĂ©s (espero que no te importe). Me encanta esa serie. Por lo que yo sepa solo hay dos temporadas y son muy buenas las dos. Es sobre terroristas musulmanes en los Estados Unidos, pero no da Ăşnicamente la perspectiva tĂ­pica de los musulmanes como los malos y los gingos como los buenos, problematiza el tema un poco y el protagonista principal (the oh so fine Mr. Ealy) se encuentra entre los dos siendo musulman pero trabajando por el FBI.

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