Cuba: My Revolution – One Badass Latina Comic

I LOVE graphic novels.  I don’t care if that makes me a nerd because there are a million things in my life that solidify my nerd status.

Graphic novels are nerd chic though so step your game up ladies and gentlemen!

Not into super heroes or fantasy?  Then I’ve got the graphic novel for you!

Cuba: My Revolution

Inverna Lockpez (story)  and Dean Haspiel (art) collaborated to create this invaluable work of art history.

Cuba: My Revolution is an autobiographical account of Inverna Lockpez’s life in Cuba during the early stages of Fidel Castro’s inevitable takeover of the island.

Before reading this, I only knew the rhetoric of Fidel’s regime.

( I’m a bad Latino and don’t know my history very well. working on it tho…!)

Sonya, the novel’s protagonist, takes you into her mother’s home only a few weeks before Fidel changes Cuba forever.

She begins committed to Fidel’s original vision of unity for all people.  Sonya joins the people’s militia and works as a medic.  Much to the disappointment of her mother, who like most mothers just wants her to marry a man with some cash.

Sonya yearns to live as an artist.  That yearning is the spark that begins to burn down her commitment to Fidel’s movement.  In a political climate where expressionist art is being replaced by communist murals and portraits of military leaders, does Sonya’s passion even have a place in her world anymore?  She aches to find it somewhere…

Sonya takes you into the prison camp of her torture.  Haspiel’s killer old school drawing style sears your skin with every lash of the whip.  Beaten and starved, Sonya loses touch with her humanity and rails against her tormentors to no avail.

I paced my living room while reading this novel.  I couldn’t put it down.  I needed to know if she was going to be ok.  I won’t give you the satisfaction of knowing whether she makes it out of the Cuban prison cell alive or dead.

As I read this novel, I pushed it into every person’s hands, eyes, brains…just so they could see that this existed.

This, a graphic novel, depicting the life of a heroic Latina fighting for her beliefs and eventually for her life.  This is not a fucking kiddie comic book.

Cuba: My Revolution is a movement urging us to remember the past, to feel its blood on our bodies and to push forward for what is just and what is humane.

Pick it up, borrow it from the library, get this novel in your hands and feel something.

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