“It Gets Better” is a movement. Get on the bus.

This is for Asher Brown.  Asher was a baby faced 13 year old Texas boy who shot himself in the head because he was bullied.  Look him up.  See his face.  Connect to what is real and what we have fucking lost.

God, can you imagine coming home to find your 13 year old baby boy with a bullet in his head and no life in his body???  How the FUCK do you keep going after that?

“It Gets Better” is the type of project that essentially heals and urges us to move forward after tragedies like Asher’s (and Raymond Chase and Tyler Clementis and all the other named and unamed).

Dan Savage and Terry Miller set out a call to emotional arms and asked all of us to share ourselves and a reason.  The reason why suicide is not an acceptable form of relief.  Why BULLYING is NOT an acceptable form of  getting your kicks or making yourself feel better.

Seems like two simple concepts: Don’t be a Jerk to others and Don’t kill yourself if people are being jerks to you.

But it’s not that simple, it’s not that black and white.  This is why the parents of Asher Brown and all the others will never see their kids smiling again.

This is why we NEED “It Gets Better.”

I feel as though it is a modern form of a “love-in” or “love based” protest.  Savage and Miller have sat in the middle of the proverbial room and said “Enough is a fucking ‘nough! We will not stand by and watch as our kids commit suicide because they feel alone and are being abused.  We will not be silent. Life is worth living and here is why, now please all of you share your reasons.”

(Yes, I’m paraphrasing but you get the gist right?)

All they have asked is that we record ourselves sharing and post it.  That’s it.  You can make an “It Gets Better” video.  You don’t have to be gay.  You don’t have to have ever been bullied.  All you need to do is look into a webcam or camera and tell some kid why their life is worth living.

The project needs all of us to work.  It needs our Iranian, Puerto Rican, Middle Class, Straight, Catholic, Anorexic, African American, skinny Italian chick, loving father and anything else you can think of stories.  It needs our faces and our voices to connect with all the countless kids/teens and some adults that feel hopeless.  You can at least afford to share some hope with someone else, can’t you??

Funny, Dan Savage mentioned that not one Republican has made a video…damn ya’ll cant even tell kids not to kill themselves?

I even made an “It Gets Better” video. Gabrielle Rivera IGB video.

It’s not just about being gay or supportive of gays.  It’s about being Pro-Life and Pro-Love in the most realest and truest sense of honoring those two things.

Love your fucking neighbor.  Love the shit out of your little gay dancing son or your comic book obsessed overweight daughter.  Love your sister’s bratty ass kids…most likely that’s all they want anyway.

Love each other.  Love me dammit! 🙂  You know?

So the videos have been compiled into a book.  Buy the book “It Gets Better”.  It came out officially yesterday!  The Barnes and Nobles event was packed and I even got to read my piece to the crowd. (That’s me with Dan Savage at the B&N NYC book launch for IGB!)

Buy a few.  Leave some at a high school, stick one in your school’s library or even on your little cousin’s desk/bed/head wherever.

Be a secret love political activist and put it in the hands of anyone you think might need to know that we are out here and we love them.

Leave one on the train or on the bus.  You get the idea?

So are you going to sit among us and be apart of the new millennium Savage love-ins?

I’ve got my seat.  We’re waiting for you.

(image from http://keldysupertramp.tumblr.com/post/3968823041/we-love-protest)

2 thoughts on ““It Gets Better” is a movement. Get on the bus.

  1. i dont know how to do this recording video and uploading stuff but i have a macbook and a brain so i’m going to figure this out bc it’s worth doing. thanks for everything you’re doing, i’m right there with you.

  2. Hey Gabriella!
    you’re fucking awesome! so is “It Gets Better : The Book !” You’re right – HOPE is something that should be shared. LOVE too!
    i have a little project that you may be interested in? you can DM tweet me (@Its_JustCarter) & i can give you my email. anyway – i love the way you roll gurl!

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