day 5 of 30 – Delicious Punishment – Oxy prompt

Writer Instructions:

Oxymorons are fun.  An oxymoron is created when two words that seem to be opposites sit next to each other.  Good oxymorons can inspire great writing.

This serendipitous word game will give you an oxymoron.  Press the buttons below to end up with either a Positive-to-Negative Oxymoron or a Negative-to-Positive Oxymoron.  Write a story or poem that could be named the oxymoron you like best.  Or write a story or poem where you use your favorite oxymoron somewhere inside to describe something important.

My oxymorons: delicious punishment- shit that’s practically already a poem!

she pushed you into this

sickness of domesticity like rigormortis of the organs

one at a time shutting down

leave her, kid needs

no donors, only takers

yellow plastic engraved with your initials pays for the world

it’s never where you want to be

then came the other she

perkier Ds and hips that erase the years off your face

her Bacardi brown skin sears the grey from your hair

once again it’s 1975 and you are that dude

con las mujeres, con esa morena, con la novia de such and such and so and so…

so here you are

the island breeze slips over your bodies, tangled in sex shamed sheets,

weeping for a family living latitudes and longitudes away

weeping for a self sacrificed life neutered for a wife

til miss damelo papi

miss uncomplicated

miss makes you remember what it feels like to not be the enemy, to enjoy a woman’s soothing electric company and what it felt like to be a boy…

finally a match

back in the homeland

not just an angry man listening to Hector Lavoe in the living room drowning out the sounds of family

energy, interest, questions

gentleness into new moments of affections

hugging those kids with your face that are somehow taller and a little smarter than you remember

welcome back

rolling stone

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