day 7 of 30 – ekphrasis poem “pre-game ritual”

from : Ekphrastic poetry comments upon or is inspired by another work of art in a different medium. Most people think of it as a poem inspired by a painting or a sculpture. But it could also be music!

laugh if u will but this piece is inspired by Mariah Carey’s “Stay the Night” cuz for some f*cking reason I cannot get that catchy ass song outta my head.


short nails, liquid silver

$2 tip

eyebrows waxed thin

face ablaze but ready


shower head on blast contrary to

how we keep this thing

we got


fluttering nerves swirl down soft sudsy drain


delicate, razor-groomed


prêt à manger

tulip cucumber lotion

skin ready to be plucked

low orange lights lounge along a naked window sill

languidly announcing dusk

daytime offers no cover or grace

black bra, lace, 2 snaps

to make it easy

black thigh sin slit

discreet duffel bag, sweats, hoodie

one pair of sneakers



i am not a little girl

this is love fucking with a purpose

so that when you smell tulips

your thighs twitch

so that when you eat cucumbers

your tongue tastes me

so that all black everything

makes you salt smelling weak

we got the vapors

gypsy cab ride

bachata music, lip licking anticipation

$2 tip

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