Island Scoop – i love jamaicans and smoothies

something non-poetry related because this isn’t just a poetry blog.

i promise.

not that a poetry blog would be a bad thing…but i like other stuff too…like


and jamaicans.

One of the many awesome things that newly landed/immigrated/movedfrombrooklynORkingston Jamaicans bring to my otherwise crumbling hood of the North Bronx is a strong connection to healthy eating and living.

Health food centers, vitamin tonic juice shops, and organic mini produce stands are popping up all over my area from west 1st in mt. vernon all along white plains road.

One spot in particular, Island Scoop, located on 3818 White Plains road along E22oth, is my newfound obsession.

First of all, it’s owned by a woman who was too busy to talk to me because she was also running her own Golden Crust next door.   If I’m gonna spend my money on the block, I’d always rather it go to a hardworking woman who employs other hard working women and some super sweet dudes, too.  All Jamaican.  All awesome.

That’s another thing…everyone who works at Island Scoops is nice, like actually nice.  I’m only surprised because food service often makes people crazed and evil and slow…think mall food courts…

But not Island Scoop.  They’re on some whole other sh*t.

The woman who made my “Island breeze” smoothie (mango, coconut, pineapple, strawberry, honey, flax, cantaloupe, dairy free etc.) smiled, offered me a sample (!) and was too shy to give me her name.

She thanked me for coming.

Island Scoop has EVERYTHING. They make fresh all natural organic fruit smoothies, mosses, brownies, milkshakes, tonics, red velvet cake etc etc. you name it. they’ll make it.

They have specialty ice cream ( fudge ripple peanut butter, coconut chocolate, yummy yum yum) and make birthday cakes.

Feel free to call them and ask them to make you tasty things.

(718) 798-0090

They ain’t paying me for this.

I like to give love to local spots that put out quality food with healthy ingredients.

So go get your scoop smoothie tonic on.

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