5 EASY calorie burners for an NYC girl (or guy) on the go

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I am not any of the following things: doctor, nutritionist, fitness expert, fitness trainer, psychologist, gynecologist or zoologist.

Before doing anything you should consult your own COMMON SENSE and a doctor.


I am: a chunky chubby thicky short wide bootied latina woman that is slowly shedding pounds with the goal of just getting healthier.  I’ve dropped 22lbs since february.  So you can either read or stay.


These are things that are working for me right now.

(On top of going to the gym n eating better…if you wanna know about that stuff, read this stuff and if you like it, i’ll share more…)



5 EASY calorie burners for an  NYC girl (or guy) on the go


1) Do not SIT on the train. STAND. You just woke up, why the fuck are you sitting? You tired from all that rest? I used to sit on the train all the time.  Now I stand.  Also, I’m a sucker and I feel like I should leave the seats for the construction workers busting their asses and the old or pregnant ladies.  Stats from weight-fat-loss.com

in one hour
120 lb:  100 150 lb:  125 200 lb:  150

Either way, it’s more than if you’re just sitting there and for me, it’s also helped ease some lower back pain.



2) Get off 2-4 stops before your normal stop. Proceed to walk home. It’s not as terrible as it sounds.  If it’s not raining and you don’t have your period, then why the heck not? 😀 Calories burned walking from


  • 130 to 140 pounds – 3.5 calories burned per minute
  • 145 to 155 pounds – 4.0 calories burned per minute
  • 160 to 170 pounds – 4.5 calories burned per minute
  • 175 to185 pounds – 5.0 calories burned per minute
  • 190 to 200 pounds – 5.5 calories burned per minute

~note~ bus stops can be further apart than train stops so get off 1-2 stops before yours, if u ride the bus, until you wanna add more time to your walk.



3)  Stretch.  Wanna watch Grey’s Anatomy for an hour? Do it! But give yourself 15 minutes to stretch, seriously.  Stand up, touch your toes, take some deep breaths and just have some mini zen grey’s time with your whole body.  I started with 15 minutes and now I do 30mins or more.  Not every night, but at least three times a week.

And when I first started, I couldn’t touch my toes or see over my tits!

Now I Can.  Thank you Obama! wait…wrong speech…ahem, so yeah some mo’ stats.

15 minutes of stretching burns off like 48 calories, yo!



4) Clean your damn crib, homie! Why you think grandma was so brolic?! Cuz she was ALWAYS cleaning! And doing like an hour of house work burns off 191 calories (thats what i gotta fast walk/wheeze run on the treadmill for like half an hour to get!)

Ok so maybe she doesn’t look like your grandma or mine but she’s SOMEONE’S grandma, dammit!



5)  Walk directly past the Chinese Food Spot.  Do NOT ENTER.  Do not order from your house!  You just saved yourself 28799384638 calories and 3874923hdnw892 grams of sodium.  Yes those are my official number counts!

( image from mybigbell.jewelfong.com)


And so, these are things I actually do and I hope they help ya.  It’s not anything new or processed or on sale now for $199 but it’s still some good shit.  🙂

Feel free to leave me some tips, as well.

2 thoughts on “5 EASY calorie burners for an NYC girl (or guy) on the go

  1. My own stuff that I on the regular (which at 1st started out to lose weight but then just become habit/what I prefer)

    1. Cut out all high fructose corn syrup.
    I was amazed to find out that it’s even in bread! So I buy the 100 calorie thins or the higher priced whole wheat/whole grain stuff.

    2. I drink a lot more water. I know that seems simple but, there’s a crazy amount of sugar even in just fruit juice. When I want taste I drink crystal light.

    3. Soup. It’s quick, it’s delicious, and (with a glass of water on the side) can really fill you up. For work I like to buy the Campbells healthy choice low sodium “in hand” soups. They come with a great lid you can just drink from as you work.

    4. No frying!
    This one was really hard for me to get used to at first consider that’s what Puerto Ricans do… we fry everything. There’s always a pan on the stove ready for frying. Baking has now become my alternative of choice. And if I must fry something, I use Pam spray instead of butter and a drop of olive oil instead of regular oil.

    • girl, i have become the soup making queen up in this bitch! if u ever want a dope chicken vegetable soup recipe, hit me up!

      also, yes on all of these! i’m thinking of adding more tips just from what i do and eat.

      just cuz i think we get a lot of fucked up messages from the teevee and i want to write about what really works in my life and not just try and sell people some dumb shit or some lie. you know?

      one thing – the crystal light thing kinda freaks me out. what’s IN those little packets??

      taste devils!


      noemi, did i tell you that i love you like family today? wellz, i does.

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