poli-ticks are scrambling my brain

so i don’t know how i feel about writing about politics.

that’s a lot of “abouts.”

it feels so dirty and strange to pick a side and stand there fist raised.  i try to listen to everybody.  but sometimes when you’re just standing there listening, the world and the shit in it smears your face and yours pores.

so i end up feeling clogged and angry…so i write.

but politics…ugh, it drives me insane, just thinking about all of the deals and side hustles and legal white ways to cheat the system just running amok.

do i want to be that person that sounds a blog alarm every time something in the news rubs me wrong?

also, i hate running around half cocked and writing about shit i’m far from an expert in.  Not that that ever stops anyone from writing anything in this country…

see, dammit, there I go again…maybe I just can’t help it.

plena said “don’t be newt gingrich”.

i looked down and repeated those words to my boobs.  hopefully, they’ll listen.  can’t trust those bitches sometimes…

i don’t ever want to be fucking newt gingrich or ann coulter or even smug sistah loving bill maher.  (was super head’s head super, billy boy?)

so maybe i’ll just stick to writing about what I’m moved to discuss…even if it is political.

i just gotta keep in mind that there’s isn’t really a “right” side to anything…


and speaking of boobs, this comic is awesome.

from angelaart.deviantart.com

2 thoughts on “poli-ticks are scrambling my brain

  1. Politics make me feel constipated in the head too…and I write, just like you.
    And I do hope you repeat the words of that comic when I see you monday…Monday…MONDAY!!!!!
    I love you.

  2. “don’t be newt gingrich”.

    i looked down and repeated those words to my boobs. hopefully, they’ll listen. can’t trust those bitches sometimes…

    you effing kill me, bags. keep up the great work.

    good luck in the desert. xo.

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