santa fe – just a poem, no gimmicks

i owe the month of april some poems.

Santa Fe

i just got this itch man

more like a tick man, like clocks shoving seconds into stuffed eardrums

telling me to get on the road 

kick sand, waste land, put some miles between myself and these elevated trains

see they run 2 stops around my brain every 5 minutes

i’m tired of rat-rat-rattling against this boogie down drain

teeth trembling, fingers interlocked for sanity’s sake

need a hobo sack, no belongings 

just some fish and bread

humming a prayer for the insane in need of a better patron saint

need wind blown hair free from queen helene

need free form verse -lined consonant clouds

gliding right above my head

open space

no allerton ave apartment complexes please

blocking a bronx river breeze

no conquered terrain

just one woman in need

of no man’s land       

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