A Puerto Rican in the desert

Yeah buddy that’d be me!  What the hell am I doing here?

I’m writing a book, bitch! 🙂

No seriously, I bounced outta New York City to come visit some friends in New Mexico.  With a binder filled to the busting brim of pages, a suitcase missing some very vital thangs and one pair of kicks, I hopped my ass on a jet plane and flew away.  I’m on a 30 day mission to soak up the desert sun and get my first time novel on.

Wanna peep my digs? A’course ya does.

Isn’t she beautiful?  The damn thing’s name is fucking “Shasta”. How awesome is that?

Here’s a random list of important stuff I left in New York:

1) my wife 😦 thank God she supports my nerdy writerly lunacy. xoxo baby

2) deodorant!

3) Cingular – damn weakass lungs but I am breathing better.

4) another pair of f*cking kicks!

So I’ve spent my first couple of days acclimating to the high elevation and thin air.  Damn my boobs have never felt so heavy on my chest before… Also, my friends have a kid and some dogs and we’ve all been playing “please don’t cry or bark at me.” So far, so good.

And the kid is a cutie too 

So my friends, I’ll be here until June and probably post up a couple more blogs before I return.  Feel free to leave some love and wish me luck on that book thang.  xoxoxox

2 thoughts on “A Puerto Rican in the desert

  1. I am so impressed and proud of your girl, I think what you are doing is amazing, inspiring and a little crazy so I love it!!

  2. Go Gabby! Go! Let that desert air move through your smarty brain and out through your fingers onto the pages. Big love from Brooklyn!

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