Top 10 writing distractions

I am my own worst enemy.  I need to focus like Rock WILK, yeah it’s that serious.  So, here is a list of all of the things that keep me from doing what I need to do.

I need to finish editing this first novel of mine.  Anyway, peep the list.  How many do we share in common?

10- Porn – yeah whatever like YOU don’t

9- –  Where else would I have found out about La Pequena? The lip synching amy-winehouse impersonating little person transvestite? 

8-  Safety Meetingsas in “man i just woke up, i should have a “safety meeting” to get my mind right. ahem.

7-  Calling my woman because she like needs to know EVERYTHING that is going on in the house when she’s not in it.

6- – homo stuff, hot chicks and politics.  

5-  thinking of other things I should be writing

4-  Cleaning.  I think the impulse for that is biological and untreatable.

(image from fuckyeahfamilyguy tumblr)

3- – reading the news is important, right?

2- – ::sigh:: it’s a problem.  but didn’t junot diaz just recently say that they spend like a trillion dollars to keep you addicted to it, so i guess that kinda money is powerful.  hence the mildly obsessive checking but I WILL OVERCOME!

1- Me.  I am my own distraction.  Doubt. Fear. All that sh*t comes and goes.  I’m bad with time management but I’m getting better or something.  I gotta FOCUS! and Write! Yeah!

image courtesy of the quirky rican

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