Queer Panic Pride Poem = the gayest poem I’ve ever written

PRIDE is promoters throwing parties on boats. Filled with WOMEN.  Filled with ALCOHOL.

free from inhibitions, free from having to remember her name


it’s that party featuring So and So from that reality show always flashing her tits during camera close ups.

PRIDE is rainbows Graffitied on naked bodies.  it’s glitter on the lips of a girl getting her first girl-kiss, finally feeling like herself.  it’s seeing a cock that close up and loving it in your mouth, right boys? cuz it’s covered in leather, covered in “come here, daddy.”

PRIDE is Rain – soaking your skin, turning 5th avenue into a wet t-shirt contest.  God’s way of saying “Happy Pride, My Children.”  It’s “Singing’ in the Rain” meets “The Wizard of Oz” and all you’ve ever wanted was your own yellow brick road.

it’s marching arm in arm, unarmed, vulnerable, during Day Light – tired of Night Clubs, Dark Bars that turn into shadows around corners down that path in the park hoping he’s not a cop, not tonight, please.

it’s passing prevention down city streets that should be taught in city schools cuz AIDS still kills, kids think they’re invincible and aren’t you tired of planning funerals?

PRIDE is “hi, my name is” turning into Otis Redding slow dances and semi naked sunrises, kissing poems into her thighs flying on “i love you forever, til heaven do us part.”  wishing grandma could see us, not hiding, not lonely, like so many family queers before me. “take care of my granddaughter.” last words said. she’d be so proud of us…

it’s silent reflection on how much better we deserve cuz faggot is still a slur and neither one of us is the man no matter how many times we’re asked.  it’s the “gay agenda” INVADING your minds and STEALING your children! i mean, don’t lesbians raise them better anyway?

it’s you’ve been here before, since we were sodomites breaking natural law, before the L-Word or Pedro Zamora, when they’d never ask and you’d never have told them anyway, when there wasn’t even a word for it and you were just “like that”

PRIDE is EVERYDAY QUEER, like no fucking way could i be anything but queer, like it’s not worth it to kill yourself, it might not always get better but why quit when we’re just getting started?  you’re not the only queer at THIS party.

PRIDE is FOREVER, right now, OUT LOUD, sin verguenza, so come taste the rainbow

(image from deviantart.com)

pride by gabrielle rivera – copyright2011dontstealmyshitmotherf*cker

7 thoughts on “Queer Panic Pride Poem = the gayest poem I’ve ever written

  1. This was a GREAT poem. I’m not gay but this made me feel like I wanted to be gay just so that I can be this proud lol…wow…I loved, loved, loved, loved it. There’s so many great lines in here that I can’t even choose which ones where my favorites (there’s too many) lol. Excellent job.

  2. Sin verguenza, indeed Mija! Dicelo! There’s no reason for shame when you are giving out love to the world and using the gifts with which you’ve been blessed! Beautiful post!

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