NYC declares Gay Marriage A-OK!

So in 30 days us queerios can head down to city hall and say our “I Dos” and have them actually mean something.

Yay Cuomo.  Yay Kirsten Gillibrand who I totally have a political MILFy crush on btw and I plan on hugging her at the pride parade.

(hot kirsten gillibrand pic found here)

ANywhooozits, I’ve put up some sarcastic but kinda funny FB statuses.

Exhibit A:

no straight marriages were harmed during the passing of this gay marriage bill. if you or anyone you know lost the sanctity of their marriage during this time, please call your local sanctity authorities.

Exhibit B:

Somewhere in the Bronx, Gargomel, Aka Reuben Diaz Sr, is plotting revenge on us Smurfs.

Now maybe I shouldn’t be so flippant or unemotional about all of this.  Equal rights should be rights and not laws or bills.  They should be exactly what the word calls for: unalienable, unwavering, something you are owed just for being here.

But politics are a dirty nasty game kinda like naked twister with people you don’t know.

(image from

Let’s remember that California legalized gay marriage and then the Mormons FLIPPED THEIR SHIT and threw down some healthy funds to undo that shit.  So all the homos that cried tears of joy and flew to the altar had their marriages revoked.  Imagine that for a second.  Someone just stepping up to a podium and saying, “Ok, simmer down now straight people, we’d kindly like you to give us back your marriages. Thank you.  Your family is null and void.”

For some of you that might be a godsend but there might be some of you out there that love your families the way we love ours, ya know?  And then you’d be heartbroken and sad and f*cked up in the head.

How is it that the government gets to define what a family is anyway?  That’s like letting McDonalds decide what a meal is…oh wait…

Anyway, we just need to be careful and watch how this thing plays out. The NOM people are pissed and just threw down some serious cash to dildo whip the republicans that went queer for marriage.  These people are organized and have the money to play with politics anyway they want.

So while I’m excited about this bold step NYC is taking years after places like Spain, Belgium and Canada, I just hope that we can hold onto this right and move on to the next fight.

ha that rhymed, damn i’m good.

ps – for sweet pics of the celebration check out Autostraddle’s stonewall pic gallery.

2 thoughts on “NYC declares Gay Marriage A-OK!

  1. Great post! It’s sad that this should even be a debate, but glad the vote went well, hoping ti stays put and hopeful that CA will get it back and other states will follow suit. BTW- sent you a FB message.

  2. BTW…let’s be clear that not all us heterosexuals wind up with fat, hairy men…that twister pic almost scared me gay! LMAO!

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