Made in New York

this is going to be a short post.  i should TOTALLY be working on something else, like my editing project for Autostraddle on the super amazing new movie Pariah but instead…here I am.

(truth be told, i’m tech challenged and my editor is working on another project. she smushed me into her sched thankfully…so yeah…this is stressed out downtime.)

and i’m back, listen shit in my life is EMOTIONALLY CRAZY! like for realz and not for fakesies, but then again, I am a lesbian and shit is never uncomplicated.  but what is life without complication? it’s vanilla ice cream, it’s rain with no thunder and lightning, it is blank space.

today, i feel good and i wanted to share that with you all.  my last three posts have been therapeutic but also borderline “call the asylum cuz gabby is gonna lose it” kinda sad and well i just don’t want to keep all that energy front and center on this blog.

so why am i happy?  well because I’m at the Brooklyn Workforce Innovations Community Center, home of the Made in New York Production Assistant Training Program. Damn, thems a lot of words!  Basically, this dope committee in Brooklyn in conjunction with the NYC Mayor’s office came together a few years ago and started a program to train PAs for the tv/film industry.  6 years ago, I did the program and that’s how I fell into the super awesome n crazy world of movie and tv making magic.  They helped me make my own short film, Spanish Girls are Beautiful (which i still hope to one day turn into a web series) and have continued to support me in a million and one ways.  Like right now, I’ve been so sad and then I got this Pariah project and needed help editing and had no one to help.  So I called, Katy Finch, head of the PA program and pretty much the Obe Wan Kenobe of production stuff, and in like an hour, I had help.  I had an editor and a space and a computer.

But before I even sat down to do my work, everyone here asked me if I was ok cuz they knew I wasn’t and I’m not and they just didn’t let up.  I didn’t want to talk but then there I was talking and crying and letting it all out.  For like an hour, like some non-shitty Lifetime movie, like real life with people in it that care about you but aren’t so emotionally invested in your bizzness that you bring them down, does that make sense?

Anyway, so i got out all my stuff and then went to work.  Being in their offices is like being in an idea center, a brain for creativity with the tools to make that shit happen.  Nothing is impossible.  You want to make a short film about lesbian zombies?  I’m sure Katy Finch can point you in the right direction.  She’ll probably tell you to talk to me or some other grads. haha.  Mara will probably be the one recruiting the PAs to train and one day help you make that short.  See cuz Nothing is impossible here.

Even overcoming sadness, loss, stress, lack of focus….all of the things that have been holding me back.

So right now I’m happy and I am here being creative and that’s just what I need to do to get through this mess.

And hey, you should check them out.  If you have a driver’s license, are over 21 but under 35 (i think) and you have NEED and feel kinda lost but KNOW you want to get into the entertainement bizz behind the scenes (not cuz u want your own reality show cuz all your homegirls think you’re just like Nene or Kimbella) then check out or just call 718-237-2017 ext. 145 or if you just have one of those young uncertain but super smart cousins/sisters/brothers that needs a little motivation and focus, send them to the program.

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