Nicki Minaj: Roman in Moscow & New Vids Coming Soon….


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If you’re a Nicki fan like me then you’re already way up on this “Roman in Moscow” shizz, I think she released it on Itunes a few months ago.  Anyway, it’s sick, so so sick.  No one in mainstream hip hop is rapping like this, for realz.  Now I’m not a Nicki fan because I loved her Z100/TaylorSwift/PG-13 tracks like Moment 4 Lyfe or even Super Bass.  She doesn’t try or go hard on those tracks.  I love this bish for all her freestyles, guest spots and straight up 13 bars of wreckage on tracks like “Monster”, “Roman’s Revenge” and her mixtape track “I Gets Crazy” just to name a few.  I’m so obsessed I even made an All Nicki Minaj playlist for Autostraddle.

I can’t wait for Pink Friday: Roman’s Revenge to drop this Valentine’s Day and I’m itching to see the new vids for “Stupid Hoe” and “Roman in Moscow”.  Until then, give “Roman in Moscow” another listen.  Is it crazy that just the black font against the red background is enough to get me going??

One thought on “Nicki Minaj: Roman in Moscow & New Vids Coming Soon….

  1. She manages to straddle the fence of hardcore rapstress (a la Lil Kim & Foxy Brown of the 90’s) and pop oriented tracks that will get her played on radio and be featured on songs with Madonna, which is FIERCE!!

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