Nicki Minaj “Stupid Hoe” Video Premiere

Thank God for, homegirl is ALWAYS up on that new new sh*t. Nicki Minaj just dropped her video for “Stupid Hoe” which I also refer to it as Nicki’s “I just stomped Lil’ Kim” track on her VEVO page.  Directed by Hype Williams, this video is a seizure inducing blast of pastel war paint, lion cages and Nicki Minaj freak faces. You will either love or hate every glorious second of it. Enjoy.

Why do I love a song called “stupid hoe”? I’ll tell you why. No matter how PC you want to be, all of us have that one woman or group of women (not just women, insert gay/trans/cis/clown/CEO etc) that act in rude, disrespectful and ignorant ways. When they focus that energy on you, don’t lie. It takes all your/my strength not to call them a stupid hoe to their face. And one more thing, ya’ll know that when this song comes on the club, everyone is gonna get reckless. Xo Nicki.

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