Creepy Parody of Rihanna’s Birthday Cake remix w Chris Brown

This remix uses the actual 911 call and affidavits from the night Chris Brown brutally attacked Rihanna and the whole world found out.

It creeps me out.

I feel like they should play this version of “Birthday Cake” on the radio and see if people get off on it as much as they do the other one. Man, even i got into that one with chris brown…

If you’ve got any triggers to mentions of past graphic violence then maybe this isn’t the club track for you.

created by Andrea James and Calpernia Adams

thanks to boingboing for putting me on to this one.

Am i the only disturbed by both songs? Like can we just forget that all of this happened? Not the abuse but before these songs, the ‘she probably really pissed him off’, the ‘I’d let him beat me’, before all the unfathomable bullshit to when she was just a young woman who got caught up with someone who was no good. Caught up by a young dude who couldn’t handle his sh*t and didn’t have anyone grown enough to show him how else to do it.

In a situation that was bad business but super seductive

In one so many of us have been in before…

You know the drill. What hasn’t been said about this?

kismet nuñez says it all.

There are better things to talk about than famous people.

Like whiskey, queer things and women/politics/poetry….

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