For Helga Matura

For Helga Matura

before introductions or invasive genealogical discoveries

you are woman

exhumed onto wall via black & white exposure

breathless like Marilyn in the exhale

between ‘Cut!’ and Kennedys

one line denotes muse status

“high class call girl”

one line strips clothes, dignity and reason for remembering government name

high against ashen stucco, feathered Farrah memory

pretentious me pressing you

Pop Status

Pop Folklore


where beautiful dead women belong

always beautiful

preferably dead

specifically after

after use

after silkworm deposits, face on billboards and swallowing the dotted line

purpose served

forever. young. frozen.

manhandled in after life installation

dead beautiful woman

cause of death: undisclosed


still just-you-on-a-wall

man photo/paint you

inserted into your legacy

“high class call girl”

Richter forgiven, exalted

postmortem newspaper photo

no permission granted

you’ve been mused

beautiful dead woman

gerhard richter, 1966

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