Rumblings: Coco Chanel, Going Commando & Naked Chicks

so this article came across my FB feed from a super intelligent cat i dig so hard. i always click on his links and this time was no different. (Kenny, you are the shiz.)

Apparently, Coco Chanel was a spy for the Nazi’s. ya’ll.

Photo by Roland Schoor/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images/TIME & LIFE PICTURES/GETTY IMAGE - Early undated photo of French fashion designer Coco Chanel.

Cue the sound bite: DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!

“Sleeping with the Enemy” is a book/biography thang written about Coco Chanel by Hal Vaughn. This article goes into a little bit of book review and a lotta bit telenovela esque re-telling of the juiciest parts of Coco’s life.

{Now real quick, I don’t know anything about her life. I’m running on the strength of this article and since this ain’t school, I’m not gonna pause and check out everything ever on Coco Chanel just to be a smarty pants. I’m tired. It’s raining. Anyway…}

The article is worth reading. Yeah, it’s a year old but it’s still interesting. Here are the parts that not only made me go hmm about her but also hmm about me.

1) Homegirl, as in Coco Chanel, was an anti-Semite! Like grew up in foster Catholic care hating on Jews for “killing Jesus”. I feel like I should be more upset about this. Cuz that’s a lot of Jewish people hating to be running around as a Nazi spy, right? Would she have been one if Hitler wasn’t storming through France? Was this something she was super excited for or was it something she had to do to keep her life the way she enjoyed it? Either, way it’s obviously something horrific and super sick to think that anyone played any part in exterminating PEOPLE. She never got charged for doing anything wrong though… Reading about her anti-semitism (minus the nazi spy part) though brought on the same response that meeting someone’s racist ass Grandpa does:

Well, old people are just fucked up like that and so whatever.

What do you think?

2) Homegirl was a hustler, was a, was a hustler. Grew up poor as hell but used the two talents she had to rise up: Sewing and being fine as f*ck. Coco used men to pay for things like property and business. She used brains, sewing ability and business savvy to turn her first clothing shop into AN EMPIRE. Allegedly, that’s how all the Nazi spy shit started. She needed to keep her ass rich, safe and on good terms with her wealthy, powerful and dangerous network of men folks. My thoughts: Go, Bitch, Go! Like where is the Scarface version of your life??

Am I supposed to view her as an anti-semitic opportunistic whore? Is she a woman influenced by the ideology of those that raised her and made due with the fucked up lot she was given? I don’t know. But for right now, given the limited understanding of her life that I have, I’m gonna go with thinking her life story would be hella awesome as some sort of Kill Bill/Inglorious Basterds type of Tarantino movie. What do you think?


Going Commando.

idkw but this pic of Lady Gaga came up in my image search for "going commando". Somehow, it's perfect.

I like wearing soft sweat pants sans underwear. I mean really who doesn’t? I like it so much that I got all day dreamy about it when I slipped on a pair. Thinking “Man it’s so nice to be going commando…” and then I kinda mentally barfed. Ew. Going Commando invokes this image of some long penis wearing an army helmet just dangling in the breeze. I am so sure some dude made that shit up. I know it has to do with airing out man bits so as not to cause funk but still. Can we come up with another term? Like in conjunction with “going commando” like maybe its flower-picking-poetry-writing-softsweatpantsloving sister/friend? Like maybe “going al fresco”?

I like that…I might just use it. You should too. Maybe it can become a thing…


Naked Chicks:

this tumblr is perfect. you will find these ladies there and more….

click pic for other awesome lady lovin' tumblr action

it came from this Autostraddle article on showering with chicks, porn stuff and pretty lady things.

Enjoy the rain, mofos. Leave comments. I wants to know your thoughts n stufffff.

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