Word of the Day: Gemütlichkeit


my beer drinking alter-ego

I learned this word from Jennifer’s Queer Girl City Guide to Milwaukee which is pretty dope and homoinformative.

Wikipedia says:

Gemütlichkeit (German pronunciation: [ɡəˈmyːtlɪçkaɪt] ( listen)) is a German abstract noun that has been adopted into English.[1] It is a derivation of gemütlich, itself the adjective ofGemüt the German word for “heart, mind, temper, feeling” expressed by (and cognate with) English mood.

Gemütlichkeit describes an environment or state of mind that conduces a cheerful mood and peace of mind, with connotation of a notion of belonging and social acceptance, of being cozy and unhurried.

my mind is set to gemütlichkeit. come drink a beer and get wit it.

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