Beyoncé Time: 3 Bey tracks to shake off the aHoles

I’m in a bit of a mood.

1) the economy and all its fuckery is seeping into the stability of my family and i’m over it.

2) there is some shit i just don’t get from people who can go eff themselves.

3) i keep thinking i should make a do’s and don’ts guide for dealing with women and then read it and learn from it.

AND SO – to avoid venting out too much negativity into the world. I bring ya’ll a moment of Beyoncé Time.

cuz Nerdy Beyonce is the woman of my dreams.
Photo by Terry Richardson

Beyoncé Time is when you pause the world around you and let the fabulousness diva-ness of La Bey’s music fill in all the shitty space. This often leads to impromptu voguing and hot messery. You can have BT alone or in an office or on a set (ask the people I’ve worked with…Spurgeon, I’m looking at you, boo), either way it should be had. If you’ve never had Beyoncé Time before (gasp), here are 3 of the best (cuz I said so) tracks to pop your Bey Time cherry to.

1) Get Me Bodied – Bey, all I ever want is to dance with you, feel your body and grind to the beat… Just thinking about that, has me like whoa. #IMDONE




2) Check On It – Originated my undying affection, amor and adoration for the body, soul, dance moves and hair (weaves, wigs etc) of one Beyoncé Knowles. Also, Nicki Minaj musta been thinkin’ of this vid when she rapped “pink wig, thick ass, give’em whiplash…”



3) Suga Mama – just my favorite of all time ever…like i want her to sing it to me.





so i hope this has helped you deal with the bullshit that is life. its done wonders for me. feel free to tell me your top 3.

Beyoncé Time is for everyone.

it's ok, Gabby. Mama Bey loves you.

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