Attention Ladies: Brian McKnight Knows All About the Vadge

I really just can’t with this right now. I should be writing an article but any ability to focus has left me. So here the fucks we are kids. Brian McKnight, for those too young to remember when he was relevant, was a baby-faced-smooth-talkin’ R&B singer from the 90s.

this is what a panty dropper looks like

I LOVED me some Brian McKnight bitd but now it’s like whatever.

So maybe I’m a little late cuz this video dropped on April 24th, 2012 BUT now that it’s in my life, I MUST share it with you. So dude posted this video of himself singing about vaginas and how he knows how they work and apparently they squirt! like because we didn’t know that about them or something… It’s weird hearing him sing the word “pussy” because these days he kinda reminds me of Mr. Rogers/Wayne Brady. But I mean at the same time, I can’t knock a dude for making a song about pleasing women and knowing the ways of the mysterious Lady-O.

I bring you, via, Brian McKnight singing “If You’re Ready to Learn”:

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