Monday Morning Feminism

a quick post to balance out the half naked strippers and big bootys from yesterday’s piece. Not that I have a conscience or feel the need to be any sort of *role model or think anyone reads this ridicfab blog BUT…just in case, let’s chat.

(I need coffee like whoa. My coffeemaker is acting like a pissed of gf n refuses to do as I say. Someone should combine the best qualities of Starbucks and Hooters…f*ck see, dammit and it’s back to chicks in skimpy…)

Anyway, so there’s this mega awesome FB page that brightens my day and somehow manages to uplift my mind everytime they post something. Behold: Intelligent, Classy, Well-Educated Women who say F*ck a lot.

They post all these pics/memes/quotes of the most badass women on the planet. Also, their love of the F word makes them kindred spirits. Shouldn’t both things -women & fucks- be celebrated in a non-sketchy, non-dude related way? But of course, ninjas. From their morning post:

(this may be the first time that Hilary Clinton and Buffie the Body inhabit the same blogspace)

Next up is Babes. -Cuz there should always be room for babes, right?- So Babes is like one of the best spots to get a daily dose of beautiful womanery. Also, they’re a UK adult toy company that make customized Adult toys…ahems. Babes highlights queer women, women of color and ladies that have made a mark in this world. It’s the perfect combo of all the types of women worth focus. Like it’s FB, I get it and everyone has these really stylized tumblrs with beautiful pics of all sorts of women but damn sometimes I don’t have all day to fall in love with someone’s tumblr. (cuz it totally happens and I get overwhelmed with the feelings.) So the Babes FB page is just enough to make one take a solid PAUSE and then keep it moving cuz it’s FB and no one fkn cares.

From their Just Dykes Album:

Also, girls can do whatever the fuck they want to do. Like the little mama taking on Seventeen magazine even though Seventeen magazine is being so fake supportive…get your signatures, girl.

And sometimes you see the light of big booty posts somewhere years down the road and if that’s the case, then geekfeminism has this short piece on what to do after you’ve been publicly a little sexist.

Last but not least a call for Feminist Blogs that are like so not feminist-y

So go forth and be fruitful. There might be more posts here today but I’d like it if ya’ll left me with some stuff. Who are you reading? What sites give you the best pics? Share the things.

*Re: role models – i do have little chica cousins who know I’m crazy n like chicks so maybe sometimes it’s nice to write things they could potentially read without feeling awkward… #adultness


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