quick list

x- eat McDonalds after midnight.

x- wake up four mornings in a row curled up with computer

x- write about everything except feelings

x- stuff mouth to shut out anxiety

x- check phone. check phone. check phone. phone. phone. check.

x- tell one person more than one statement of truth.

x- feel exhumed.

x- acknowledge reflection through toothpaste-stained bathroom mirror only.

x- soak yellow sponge in a bowl. 2/3 water. 1/3 hydrogen peroxide.

x- bubbles.

x- analyze relationship to ethnicity while watching Friends.

x- read strange sentiments on lesbians via bell hooks.

x- control substance intake.

x- lick lips hoping for residue.

x- eat meat as if it didn’t come from animals.

x- keep no commitments.

x- read all of the books until one finishes me.

x- press love letter onto pages of the Bible.

x- rub cocoa butter lotion onto broke wide open flesh

x- watch Intervention. watch Intervention. watch Intervention.

x- measure gut from hips to thighs while sitting.

x- regret not writing down everything that has ever happened next to every word ever said and all the thoughts had.

x- read alison bechdel and recognize crazy is genius and the rest of us are intermediate at best.

x- laugh about that time.


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