Because Ashley is a Woman of the World

Hey ya’ll this is a quick post for a poet. My friend, Ashley Catherine, is trying to win a free spot into the Women of the World 2013 Spoken World Tournament. She needs our help. Don’t worry though this isn’t about you cracking open your wallet. Really it’s a win win because you get to see a video of her performing and then vote for her to win a spot.

beautiful. brilliant. Ashley.

beautiful. brilliant. Ashley.

Truth be told, Ashley is one of the most brilliant and powerful young poets on the scene. She’s queer and beautiful and at this point, unstoppable. Please take a minute to give her a boost and send her to the Women of the World tournament so she can shine and grow. Click the link below, then click on Artistst Don’t Make Mistakes by Ashley Catherine and then vote. This girl is amazing.


(also, if you can, please like and share so we can get her votes up. right now she’s in 3rd place. we can make this happen!)

Her Bio:

Ashley Catharine was a member of the 2011 Los Angeles slam team, has a degree in fashion design, never keeps her room clean and is addicted to diet coke. She’s performed at Inkslam (2011, 2012), the National Poetry Slam, and the Costco employee break room. Catharine is the host of “The Library Open Mic”, and is excited about featuring her work in the upcoming documentary “Damn Wonderful”. For booking/contact/stalking look for her on facebook, twitter @mermaidnamedASH, instagram @thatstarvingartist or email

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