life stuff: a list (pt.1a)

— built a desk from Ikea. unfolded mint blue aluminum chairs. added a desk lamp. incense holder. photo of my patron saint. realized that i built an altar instead of a desk

— washed overflowing dishes, soaked front of sweatshirt, and didn’t put anything away. moved dirty things from one round space and put them into a square space to dry.

— dodged bullets hurled through iPhones. missed calls or butt dials? curiosity won’t kill me.

— mistook april for march. lost a vacation.

— we are dust specks on the verge of boiling.

— ate one s’more ice cream cookie from Trader’s Joe’s. tried not to buy it. walked right by it. walked by it again and then swiped it into the cart. tonite there is no guilt.

— rolled up sleeves, rolled up art piece. stuffed elbows into thicks hips and pushed canvas behind couch. there is a place for everything to hide.

— thought about how my mother is the only one who makes sure i’m alive and living right.

— sent gift through the mail expecting it to carry my sense of humor and joy. gift brought resentment instead. no more sending gifts. not for awhile. at least.

— broke down barriers of communication at work with fists banging on tables, tears dropping like whatttt, and a whole lot of we will not go gently into that good night.

— promised to add more words to the internet. kept my word. even exchange.

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