songs that made me fall in love with girls

had this one song on repeat yesterday, just going and going, turning the streets of harlem into a backdrop for jill scott’s voice. her voice is velvet seduction, it’s a dream. i could fall into the layers of jill scott’s voice and never come back and it would all be so worth it.

the song had me thinking about the girl.

we laid in bed surrounded by candles listening to that song and then i fell mad fucken hard

what about all the other songs? and all the other girls?

so here’s a video blast post of some of the songs that made me fall in love with girls.

1. Sweet Justice – Jill Scott.

I fell in love in London, like a fool. Obsessed, uncertain, on edge for her skin. I was a mess, a wreck, and she didn’t know what to do with me. So we played that come here, leave me alone, where have you been, don’t leave, don’t ever call me again game until I was back in the States. Also, this is the best Jill Scott song, period.

2. Let Go – Frou Frou

Met this girl at a house party. She had me at what are you cooking. It was a bad scene. Both of us in shitty relationships, both of us shoulda known better. But when someone throws you moment of peace and bats their pretty eyes at you when all you’ve been giving and taking are blows to the body and soul, you will say yes. I did. She said it first anyway. Sometimes you just say shit, and mean it, and move on and it’s totally ok.

3. The City – Patrick Wolf

I’m stupid right now over what to write. First, I thought this Patrick Wolf dude was weird but I liked her for loving his music. Then I found the joy in his voice in the way she walks and the grandness of his sound in the way she shows me love. New York City won’t wear us down. She’s intergalactic planetary love to a weirdo happy little beat.

4. Seasons of Love – Rent

Yo before gays had Glee, we had Rent. And I was in love with an actress who shed tears every time this song played. How do you not fall for a girl like that?

5. Impossible – Christina Aguilera feat. Alicia Keys

Even shitty, fucked up love comes with a soundtrack. How else do you move on, forgive, and fight again for so damn long?

6. Heavy Cross – Gossip

So maybe the song came out after all was said and done but now it’s this song that ties our friendship together. Everyone has that one friend, right?

What are your songs of love? What songs can you never let go of? Which ones will always remind of you that girl that ran off to find her destiny with you or without you?

One thought on “songs that made me fall in love with girls

  1. Goo Goo Dolls- Iris. My first love, my first everything made me a mixed cd with this as the first track circa 2001. I still have it somewhere.

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