Ay, beautiful humans, hello. I hope the snow hasn’t ruined all of our lives. I’m stuck in Chicago for a few more hours, due to Snowstorm Jonas Brothers, and it’s all good. I’ll be back in NYC tonight and I’m so ready.

Listen, no disrespect, but deep dish pizza has NOTHING on a good old fashioned slice of NYC pizza. It was good and I’m glad I tried it but like, nope.

ANYWAY, let’s talk book things!!


First of all, I just got word from my publisher that the Kindle edition of Juliet Takes a Breath has been purchased 100 times! Ahh! Ok, so like maybe some people view that as a small number, but I don’t! I’m a little brown queer from the Bronx on an indie erotica publisher with an LGBTQ imprint, so like 100 is huge to me! 100 of you have dropped your cash into the machine, pulled the levers, and got my little queer YA latina book into your hands.

drake bat mitzah.gif

Thank you so much! Thank you, Autostraddle and all the beautiful humans out in the world. I won’t go too crazy over stats and numbers but just wanted to give this a necessary shout out.

Keep the momentum going and thank you for leaving such gorgeous and honest reviews on Amazon!

An anon review of Juliet Takes a Breath via Amazon:

Juliet Takes a Breath is the powerful coming of age story that queer brown, black, chubby, slender, confident, self-doubting and every other kind of young girl deserves, and the kind of snapshot of an era in life that their future self will cherish a little more with each visit back to Juliet’s journey. Rivera’s writing seamlessly dances between being hilarious, moving, jarring, and soothing, in all of the right ways, and sometimes manages to be all of these things at once. Simply beautiful.

Click here to purchase.


AUTOSTRADDLE!! So much love and shouts the past few days from my Auto fam.

Check out this amazing tumblr post put together by the ever perfect and loving Heather Hogan of Pretty Little Liars recap fame.

Super dope tumblr post shouting out Juliet Takes a Breath via autostraddle dot tumblr dot com


cover art by Cristy C. Road


And Yvonne Marquez, one of the top editors over at AS, wrote this glorious piece Read A F*cking Book: We’re all Reading Juliet Takes a Breath and then I almost died of love and support on the floor when I read it.

Quote from Yvonne:

I connected so much with Juliet because I’ve been in Juliet’s awkward, teen shoes, something that doesn’t happen very often with books. I read the last half of the book on the way back to Dallas and again, maybe I was just emotional from leaving my family back home but I cried several times because what Juliet learns about herself in the end was just so damn beautiful. When I was a closeted teen, I read Annie On My Mind and Keeping You a Secret and those were amazing LGBT YA novels to keep me company throughout figuring out who the fuck I was but I can just imagine how Juliet Takes A Breath will impact young, queer people of color along their journey.

I know that I write for Autostraddle and it makes sense for them to support me but like, shit, it still means so much to have people I respect and love writing such beautiful things about my work. And AS fam isn’t bullshit, like they’re the type of family that will tell you when your shit stinks and give you legit feedback on how to do better. They’ve done that for me so many times in my life. So, I trust their words are real and true.



And it’ll be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Riverdale Ave books, and a few other spots too! I’m so freakin’ excited, y’all. 9 years in the making and here we are!


quote graphic created by Laura Wooley


So many of you have written about how you’re advocating to get the book into your local libraries, book clubs, and schools. Thank you! I can’t do this alone. Its just me and all of your help getting this book out into the world is so fucking important. It takes a big strong, beautiful, queer family to bring each others work into the world. Please keep helping and continue hitting me, cuz my answer is YES. Yes, push it into your mom’s book club, yes bring it to your LGBTQ youth center, and please, go charm your local bookstore into carrying Juliet Takes a Breath.  I can’t do it without you and wouldn’t want to do this without my family.

Much much love.

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