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Here’s all the work I’ve crafted/produced/written for Autostraddle. I’ve either come up with the concept or they’ve sent me on a mission, either way, these are the articles.

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In order from most recent to the first ever written:


How to Make DIY Lavender Salve for Soothing the Grrls and Loverbois in Your Life

No White Tears: A Non-Guide on Dealing with Microaggressions from Your White Partner

VIDEO: Nicki and Bey Giveth Much Life in “Feeling Myself” Music Video

“Mad Max: Fury Road” Is The Kickass Feminist Action Movie We’ve Been Waiting For

HBO’s “Bessie” is The Bisexual Badass Biopic Of Our Dreams

What if Sunday Funday Was Your Girlfriend? Dee Rees, Natalie Portman, and Carrie Brownstein Could Obvs Come Over And Play.

Salsa y La Naturaleza: How a Willie Colón Song Taught Me About Queerness and Love

This Shit Rules: Loverboi Fresh

Grey’s Anatomy Recaps

Grey’s Anatomy Recap Episodes 1107-1108: You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone

Grey’s Anatomy Episode 1106 Recap: This Could Be Us But You Playin’

Grey’s Anatomy Episode 1105 Recap: Is This The End of Calzona?

Grey’s Anatomy Episode 1103 Recap: All That She Wants Is Another Baby

Grey’s Anatomy Episode 1102 Recap: You Know I Love You, Girl

Grey’s Anatomy Episode 1101 Recap: Just the Gay Parts, Plz.



You Should Go: Speed-Dating at the Strand, Plus How to Speed-Date Like a Champ

Getting Cruised In the Heights

White Lesbian Couple Starts Family, Comes With Unwanted Blackness

HuffPost Live Talked To Some of Your Favorite Butches and Femmes About Identity and More

Five Easy Ways to Outsmart a Panic Attack

LIVEBLOG: “Saved by the Bell,” the Unauthorized Totally Non-factual Lifetime Extravaganza

FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: Summer Lovin’ – Are You Having a Blast or Nah?

This is Beyoncé/Nicki Minaj Femslash

Playlist: Speakeasy Bangers, A QPOC Block Party

Fat-Booty Butch Buys A Suit On A Budget

VIDEO: Red Carpet Crushes and the Cast of Orange is the New Black

36 Reasons Why QPOC-Only Spaces Are Very Necessary

Glitter Brigade: The Magical Beginning of A Queer Youth Group

Five Ways to Escape Your Terrible Date

In Spring Love With These Three Books, Latinas in Media and Sister Spit

You Should Go: DapperQ Fashion Show Extravaganza


Fat-Booty Butch Wears Leggings — Confuses World, Confronts Self

To a Chubby Mexican Lesbian: I’m With You, I See You, I Love You

Valencia Is The Most Masterful Dyke-Centric Artsy-Weirdo Film I’ve Ever Seen

Orange is the New Black: 7 Things We Should Talk About

You Should Go: The Bronx LGBTQ Pride Festival & Health Fair

You Should Go TODAY: La Chica Boom performs FML at the Fresh Fruit Festival

Listicle: Some Things to Maybe Not Do on a Queer Lady Date

Swapping Spit: The Sister Spit Anthology & A Few Words with Michelle Tea

Women of Color Ran The Super Bowl – And Not Just Beyoncé

Because Ashley is a Woman of the World

7 Videos That Have Something To Do With Destiny’s Child

You Should Go: ‘Mosquita y Mari’ at The Brooklyn Museum


Exploding Lineage: The Film Festival By Queer Rebels For Queer Rebels

Holiday Breakups: 10 Reasons to Buck Up And Do It

I Hate Black Friday: This Queer Is Staying Home

Sneaker Feature III: Kicks On A Mountain

Oh Hell No: When Your Girlfriend Publicly Hates on You

Autostraddle’s Women of Color Ask: What Does WOC Mean To Me?

A Year of Grieving: 10 Things I’ve Learned

Queer Texas Rep. Mary Gonzalez Is Hope and Action and The Coolest Politician Ever

“United in Anger” Shares History of ACT UP Through Original Footage

7 Greatest Beyoncé Moments of My Queer Life

Sneaker Feature II: Sneakerheads, Customizers and Chicks in Kicks

Get Baked: Empanada Extravaganza (With Video!)

Latina Queer Democrat Mary Gonzalez Voted into Texas House of Representatives

Sneaker Feature: Kicks are for Queers

You Need Help: You Like Her But She Keeps Bringing Up Boys

Shit White Parents Have Said to Me

A Poem: kiss, kiss, bang, bang

Why Chasing Straight Women is for Amateurs (or Not All Lesbians Creep on Straight Girls)

Here/Queer: Boogie Down Bronx Edition

Knaeph Brings You the “Most Perfect Song of Sex” for Your NSFW Sunday Night

Artist Attack! Boom For Real, Jean-Michel Basquiat Was Here

“I Am UndocuQueer” Shares the Stories of Undocumented Queers, Wants to Hear Yours

“Pariah” Just Might Change the World: The AS Interviews

Artist Spotlight: Snow Tha Product

Rick Perry Gets Sunday Schooled by Christian Teen Sisters


Crudely Yours, A John Waters Holiday Gift Guide

Homopiece Theater Presents: The Skin I Live In

Playlist: Hello, Good Mourning

Homopiece Theater Presents: Dirty Girl

What Do You Think? Racism in the Queerest, Most Feminist of Places

A Love Letter to Christina Santiago (originally a quirky rican blog post)

18 Murders in 18 Months: Puerto Rico’s LGBTT’s Face New Threats, Old Politics

Gabby’s Team Pick: xQsi Magazine – Queer Latinas

The Ultimate Nicki Minaj Mixtape: Unofficial AS Vol. 1

Hesta Prynn Turns It Gold: The AS Interview

Pure Poetry #19: Rock WILK is a F*cking Experience

Hey Oscar, Why Wasn’t ‘For Colored Girls’ Enuf? (originally a quirky rican blog post)

Courtney Trouble Wants to Turn You On: The Autostraddle Interview

How I Turned Straight Actors into Badass Butch Queers in Three Days Flat