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A self-proclaimed nerdburger, Gabby Rivera is a round, brown loverboi living in Brooklyn, NY. Her critically acclaimed debut novel Juliet Takes a Breath was listed by Mic as one of the 25 essential books to read for women’s history month, and it was called the “dopest LGBTQA YA book ever” by Latina. Put simply by Roxane Gay, it’s “F***ing outstanding.” Gabby loves craft beer and all things Mariah Carey. She’s represented by New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc.

brick gay face

Gabby is the Youth Programs Manager at GLSEN.

She has worked as a film and multi-media teaching artist for social justice organizations, such as DreamYard Project, Inc.. She’s been a featured panelist and counselor at the annual Autostraddle’s Queer Women’s Conference and has presented at the Allied Media and Digital Media and Learning Conferences.

Gabby has worked with Autostraddle dot com for over five years as the QTPOC Speakeasy editor and A-Camp staff. Her short stories and poems have been published in various anthologies and journals such as Aster(ix) , and the the Lambda-Award-winning Portland Queer: Tales from the Rose CityOMG I’m Gay, a ‘zine for queer youth, and The Best of Panic! En Vivo from the East Village.

10 thoughts on “Boi Bio

  1. Hey, I just saw your video on the It Gets Better….. you are wonderful. I’ve watched a lot of these videos and have been moved by many but your’s is particularly powerful in it’s honesty and ultimately it’s hope. Thank you

  2. Hey!
    I work for an MTV Special about the It Gets Better Project, I would love to get in touch with you regarding your submission to the site. We would love to use your inspirational message in our special. Please let us know your thoughts.

  3. Hi! I first discovered you via your Autostraddle profile, but can’t seem to locate an email address for you. My name is Jeanie and I’d like to get in touch with you on behalf of the Swarthmore College Queer Union. Every September, we organize a week-and-a-half long event called ‘Coming Out Week’, which we fill with an awesome variety of events that explore and celebrate queer identity and community. The long week also overlaps with our campus’ celebration of Latin@ Heritage Month, so we try to work with ENLACE, the Swarthmore College Latin@ student group, on some of these events. We are currently attempting to plan an event of an artistic nature that deals with the intersectionality of queer community and/or identity and Latin@ community and/or identity. I read on your Autostraddle profile that you are a spoken word artist, and finding a spoken word artist was actually one of the initial ideas we floated! So I am wondering if you might have any interest in performing and/or speaking at our college, and also am wondering where I can learn more about your spoken word/poetry (maybe by attending an upcoming spoken word performance or poetry reading of yours if you can’t easily point to a place on the web?).

    Thanks! All the stuff I’ve read by you is very interesting and I’m really looking forward to learning more about your work. And I love “Spanish Girls Are Beautiful”, too. I’m hoping my email will be visible to you since I had to include it in order to comment (if you might be interested in performing/speaking during our Coming Out Week, of course)!

  4. I stumbled across your blog earlier today and I keep coming back to read just one more article, just one more post. Your words speak to me in a way that helps me figure out my thoughts. Like by reading what you have written I can relate to some of the feelings and use that to figure out my own crazy life that I have been so numb to in the past. I haven’t lost anyone, and I am just pretty typical lesbian who likes to wear sweatshirts and t-shirts in the summer, so we don’t really have too many things in common up front, but your writing is amazing and relatable and I love reading it 🙂 so thanks for writing.

    Even talking about how much I enjoy your writing is hard for me, I have never been any good at talking about how I feel. So I apologize if that doesn’t really mean anything to you or its hard to understand. its probably not you, just my silly brain having trouble putting words together to convoy how your writing makes me feel. Maybe thats it. your writing makes me feel. Definitely something for me to think about and reexamine. but for now thank you, you and your story sound lovely.

    • welcome, meghan. thank you for your words and for sharing these feelings with me. you really made my day. sometimes i feel like keeping this blog up is stupid or that my words are meaningless. it’s hard to put it all out there. thank you for giving me a reason to keep on with it. good to know people like you are out in the world.

  5. Gabs, keeping up this blog is not stupid and your words matter.
    You are funny and caring and a person who helps others
    you inspire me ms.quirky and i’m glad to have you in my life
    i like how thoughtful you are and keep it real w/honesty
    you’re a sweet person who stays true to yourself

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